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Dr. Billy J. McCroskey
Dr. Billy J. McCroskey

The original MVQS software was created by Dr. Billy J. McCroskey, Ph.D., CRE, CRC, CRV, ABVE

Photo credit: Steve Bast

Dr. Billy McCroskey dedicated his life and career to Vocational Rehabilitation Research. He received the David S. Frank Award twice, and the Scott E. Streater Educational Award twice.

MVQS can pass the Daubert Challenge!

  • Have the theories, methods and procedures been subjected to peer review or publication?
  • Potential Error Rate
  • Existence and maintenance of standards & whether instrumentation has been generally accepted by the relevant scientific community
  • Reliability: MVQS has proven to be reliable (provides consistent results), valid (measure what it is expected to measure) and have known acceptable error estimates (accuracy of predictions).


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Anyone who is looking to find or fill jobs, as well as determine earning  capacity or diminished earning capacity. This includes, but is not limited to:

Vocational Evaluators
CVE Certified Vocational Evaluators
SSA Certified Vocational Experts
American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) Board Certified Vocational Experts
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors
CRC Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors
Certified Earning Analysts
Vocationologists and Job Analysts
CRV Certified Rehabilitation Vocationologists
Licensed Professional Counselors
Forensic Economists
Certified Rehabilitation Economists
Personnel Agencies
High School and College Advisors and Career Counselors
Social Workers
Welfare-to-Work Evaluators, Counselors & Job Placement Specialists, and Related Professionals

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